The Viking Legal Team in Action

The Viking Legal Team in Action
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Monday, September 25, 2017

30,000 Posts - Woo HOO! Thoughts...

Well, the numbers keep growing. Granted, about half are courtesy of Russian and Chinese spies, something I would've never thought of despite growing up in the Cold War. Not because I don't regard us to be in a competition with them for world influence, but b/c I would never have thought that anyone would ever consider this blog to be a place worth spying on! So Thank you Putin, Jinping, et al. And  by the way, you can't win against:

Texas and 'Merica

This blog has evolved a bit as my gaming interests have become more refined. Interestingly, one is pretty committed to figures since they are so expensive and time consuming - they are almost more in control of my gaming than I am! So, it pays to return to the Very First Post Here and see how things have changed - or stayed the same - about gaming The Dark Ages.

  1. As less is known, there's a bit more space to be creative in this period.
  2. Colorful, and the scale of events is smaller - smaller battles, more raids, etc.
  3. cool 40mm Sash and Saber Viking and Anglo-Dane figs,
  4. some good rules to play around with and fewer figs to prepare.
Hmm, well, all is still the same, except that I got away from 40mm Vikings / Anglo-Danes and skirmish rules. How did that happen? Well, first real life got in the way for 7 months, and I didn't really do anything. Then, I refocused the Blog in a post HERE. Basically, DBA 3.0 came out and a battle game got on my list of things to do again - I ordered my copy. I also reminded myself that I've a bunch of loverly Testudo Gauls / Romans, and Peloponnesian War Greek projects that were in advanced stages of completion. Plus, bunches of 25mm armies in various stages of untouched to ready for table.

Then, I received my copy of DBA 3.0 came out and I did a review of it, HERE. I have to say that it seems like the best version of hte rules ever, and I gave it a glowing review with every intention of playing it a bunch of times. But then...

I got a copy of "One-Hour Wargames" after reading a few comments and reviews of it, probably starting with TMP, somewhere in a search of One Hour Wargames among post titles HERE. Then BANG! I was hooked! Reading thru DBA 3.0 made me realize that it's still too much of a headache to try and bang out a few games of at night before bed, or explain to total newbies, etc. Also, there's really only one scenario, a tournement style "kill the enemy" one, and that gets repetitious. OHW really turned my thinking around and offered so much in so little time, that I was certain I'd actually play the game a lot.  And I do! Anyway, my initial review is HERE and since then most of the posts and direction of this blog have been towards OHW topics.

And after about 75-100 games of it, I'm still enjoying the game concepts, still trying to find the right balance of simplicity and history, and still learning a LOT about game design!

Well, he seems like a cantankerous old geezer, but hey "Hats off" to Mr. Thomas.

And that's where this blog has mostly been every since.


  1. Congratulations on the 30K! And keep the posts coming as I will continue to read them!

  2. Thanks Shaun. There's more coming as I start a campaign on the Welsh borderlands, and ponder a turn sequence.

    I enjoyed your post on Battlestations.

    1. Over the next few years with my children, I can see that there will be a lot more of the Battlestations co-op gridded boardgame/mini cross over type games. Seems to be what we all manage to enjoy playing together.


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