The Viking Legal Team in Action

The Viking Legal Team in Action
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Re-focus of this blog

While I've enjoyed blogging my gaming, there's definitely a limit to how many blogs I can adequately monitor, post to, and keep up with generally.  So I'm expanding the focus of two of them.  This one will now also cover my entire ancients and medieval interests, which have been re-awakened with the issue of DBA3.0 and my copy being on the way from UK.

I plan to explore 3.0 with my 15mm [18mm, really] Testudo and Xyston figures.  Highly recommend both these lines of figs, btw!  The Testudo I got over ten years ago, and painted up 24 elements of Romans for the Civil War.   
I've almost finished a 12-element army of Gauls, which seem the perfect match-up.  
This is not surprising as the original game Phil designed was for a Roman-Gallic battle, and it got so popular he expanded the system into all ancient armies.

The Xyston figs are ancient Greeks for the Peloponnesian War.  A quick review of storage closets reveals that I've about 48 stands of hoplites, plus numerous Ax, Ps and mounted.  I'd completely forgotten how much I had that was "almost done".  
I regard the Peloponnesian war as a classic DBA matchup, up there with Rome v. Gaul.  I am hoping that 3.0 continues the excellent working matchups it had while improving others, especially in the Dark Ages.

And I've loads of Dark Age figs!  All in 25mm, mostly Old Glory: Welsh, Anglo-Saxons, Feudal English, and some War of the Roses, as well as battered old armies of Scots and 100YW French & English.  Where this will all lead to - Lord knows!

I have to sell off more of the gaming junk as the situation is still "too many projects that are going nowhere in the foreseeable future, thus breaking my vows to get rid of dead projects.  Also, as I trim down excess projects, I have money for other projects like 40mm ECW.  My goal until I'm at minimum projects is to spend only hobby money on the hobby, or donate hobby money into the "bills payable" account.

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