The Viking Legal Team in Action

The Viking Legal Team in Action
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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Basing [6]: Unbasing & Rebasing...ugh!

Keeping with the push I've been making to base onto single-unit bases instead of 4 WRG / DBx size bases, as related in the previous post, I re-based a bunch of Saxon Fyrd. These were easily removed as they were on thin bases with just a thin layer of Elmer's Wood Fill. All I had to do was bend the bases and the figures started to come off - praise the Lord! 

This was a relief and I quickly set them up and glued them into two unit bases, which had plenty of space to keep all their spears and such within the borders of the base itself and also they can be placed next to each other for a "double-diorama effect". Left side...


...and right side.

With this under my belt, I turned to a mass of 60 Welsh spearmen. They are from the Old Glory line, sometimes seen as part of the "Revenge" series, and are later period Welsh "knifemen" from the 100 Years War or Wars of the Roses. They come with shields but don't necessarily use them, and have both a spear-holding hand and often a small sword / long knife in the other. They could be made as javelinmen, but I chose the long spear approach, which suited the later period I intended for them.

In the back, are the first half, that I glued straight onto the wood bases I made with Elmer's. This is a good glue to use, IMHO as it dries hard and brittle, so it snaps and breaks. This means that it is pretty easy to remove figures when you want. Softer glues are tough to work with and stretch and cling to fig bases.

In the front are the bases I made using wood fill. This gave the bases more shape and texture. But it is chalky and fairly strong, so has to be removed with a steady hand and the right tools.

Also noteworthy in the above pic, is the double-bases for AUX in the DBx system. Instead of two bases of three figs, you can see I did one of six. Ergo, every two bases is actually a full unit of 12 figs. By doubling the bases, I could also use them as AUX(X) or longspear that are Auxilia more resistant to cavalry. Overall, they're a pretty interesting army, with the right rule set. Unfortunately, it is the tendency of rules to ignore the less well documented and flashy armies in favor of the usual Rome, Byzantines, 100YW English & French, etc., and then lump together barbarian armies as 1-2 junky troop types.

Overall, I think these look OK, but the figs look a bit cramped - I'm looking forward to seeing the final result with whole unit bases. Also, they'll be better protected and easier to handle.

Closeup of the two bases - you can see the texturing from the wood fill up front, and the plain green flocking of the back bases. The figures' bases are also visible in shape and shadow, compared to the ones with wood fill that you can build up a bit.

Implements of destruction: large Buck wood chisel [sharp-edged], heavy wire clippers [to squeeze and pop figure bases off the wood base and tap the chisel] and X-acto blade to clean the bottom of the figure's base so they will stand up reasonably straight.

Work begins: note how easily the Elmer's glue figs pop off at back. The wood fill figs have to be gently chiseled off. I place the chisel at the edge, tap with the wire clippers, and it bites deep enough that the figs fall off as I work my way down the base - takes a couple minutes.

Sometimes you have to search for the right angle to start chiseling away...

With figs removed, I base them in groups of 11-13, looking for a bit of variety. Every unit has one leader-fig, which was included in the OG pack, I think [check website to be sure].

Some final results. These are clustered in a bit of a defensive posture, 2-3 deep; note that all their spears are within the base edges - this means units can be put into contact without worrying if the metal spears will scratch or damage other figures. Note also that the extra space gives some better flow to the group of figs, they just look more "natural".

Total time for rebasing the 60 figs - 5 new units - was about 60-90 minutes over a few days. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm really glad I thought of the big chisel, and it will definitely be on hand for my gaming tools in the years to come!

I'm going to be needing these units in a few days as I throw a big multi-scenario OHW Medievals game for my old gaming club. Stick around for more posts that show how OHW is not just a book for a small, 2-player game, but multiple scenarios can be placed side-by-side for much larger historical games.

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