The Viking Legal Team in Action

The Viking Legal Team in Action
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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Re-Basing [8] the long slog is ending...!

Time for some more re-basing...but it is slowly ending as there's not a lot of bases left of my old Medieval Warfare / DBA stuff! These are double-based elements of Welsh spearmen [x] or Auxilia, depending on rules and edition. They definitely looked cooler as double-based elements, but they'll look even better as quadruple-based elements of 12-15 depending on how I can fit them in. First there's the dodgy bit of removal - I use a chisel and gentle taps.

Next, I take the figs and place the first rank carefully on the contoured base - using pvc glue.

Then I carefully fill in all the gaps with wood fill - this stuff's a bit gritty and I like it.

Then I place the second rank figs on into the wet putty - just requires a little re-shaping is all, as the fig smooshes the putty to the side. A small damp brush gets it all settled quickly.

Takes a bit to get them fit in there, but I like how they look, and it is part of the fun for me!

Back view - always hard to get them just right...and looking "natural". You know, like their fighting casually but not acting, sort of the right balance of toy soldier and real...

I was mostly able to obey my rule with these bases, and get the entire figure, including the spears, within the confines of the base. The lens distorts it a bit, but they are 90% inside.


No flash...

Looking good - ready for a fight except they need to dry overnight! Well, and brown paint on the ground...and a few touch-ups here and there from past damage [mostly protected by their polyeurythane coating, I may add, aka The Miracle Dip].

So this is two more Units of Welsh Freemen ready for Saturday. As they look a bit distinct, they will be a nice addition, together, to either force. They can be South Welsh spearmen who still fight in closer order due to the more open terrain, or Welsh feudal serfs of a Marcher Lord...lots of possibilities, but most importantly easy to use on the table.

Future Scots Schiltron from DBA years. Eight stands of 4-figs for Close Order Units, blah blah blah blah. Glad I don't do that anymore - they just need to look cool! Anyway, there are some real Scot figs in it, and mercenary Irish for the Bruce's campaign in Ireland. I can get at least one unit of Freemen out of it, and one unit of Kerns - Brigans, Very happy with how these armies are looking, and the rules are playing, I may add!

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