The Viking Legal Team in Action

The Viking Legal Team in Action
Snorri is unhappy about your bar tab - VERY unhappy...

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

6000 Visits! Upcoming posts...

Well, real army life has taken me away from home, and between preparing to leave and then being away from home my hobby life has been nada - zilch, niente, rien, ze-ero - you get the idea.  Haven't even read anything about the Dark Ages.  My activation is coming to an end and after some beach time fall will begin and I'll return to the Dark Ages a bit.  Most likely posts will be another batrep, probably from a group play of the rules.  I may test out the lists I've made and see how they play out.  The most difficult thing to balance thus far are the barbarian army types, altho I think I've a good idea of how they should play, I'm uncertain if they'll play consistently across the scenarios.

Future developments, both in figures and in army lists and rules will be a fantasy variant for these same rules.  Tentatively I'm thinking of three levels of magic [low, medium and WOW!] as well as having 1-2 outrageously elite units per side.  I'll probably start with only one to see how it goes.

So until then, keep your sword sharp and your shield up!

Rest between the strife...see you in the fall!


  1. Keep your head down and be safe. Looking forward to seeing what you do with magic, especially the Wow level.

  2. Wow, I've been so out of minis gaming and blogging myself these last few months I didn't realize you were away too. Like the Brigadier said, be safe!


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