The Viking Legal Team in Action

The Viking Legal Team in Action
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

What Next? More NT, AD6, DBA 3.0, "Kings of War"?

Do this!  Do that!  No, the other set of rules!

Well, this series of posts generated hundreds of visits, and several questions.  It was interesting for me to do it, altho it required a lot of work!  Next time, I will take one pic at the end of each turn, only taking extra pics when a specific rule interpretation needs to be demonstrated.  This will make it easier for all of us to follow along!

Next up, I already have a second play of the 1HW rules, with a different scenario, #7 Flank Attack [played it twice] - can post that batrep also.  Some more options:

  1. "Kings of War" playtest with the same battles as above to show the differences btw the 1HW and KoW rules RAW.  They are very similar in most mechanics.
  2. Neil Thomas "Ancient and Medieval Rules" which are just a shade more complicated - not much - but a bit different and oriented "as written" for 15mm figs and measuring in metric.
  3. "DBA 3.0" was posted in review earlier with a promised playtest - should get to that battle report, shouldn't I?
  4. Finally, "Ancients D6" by John Acar and Andrew Damon is another free fast-play set of rules in the 1 Hour and 50-100 figures play range.  They are of the same approx. scale as DBA and are found here:
Any of these choices would be useful to someone trying to figure out which set of rules to get or use. While the KoW rules are not presented for historical armies, and would require a little thought and guidance to use for an historical period, I think they are the best written and most complete rules of the bunch thus far.  And it is actually FUN to adapt troop types from their lists to their historical counterparts.  So if you want my QUICK AND SHORT opinion, download the free rules from Mantic games website, especially if you know the troop types of your historical period / location.

If you are a true newbie, then I very much recommend both the above NT books as great intro to the gaming hobby.  Hmmm, perhaps the next review should be the NT "Ancient and Medieval Wargaming" book?  The natural comparisons to NTA&M is probably DBA 3.0 and "Ancients D6" as they are both a bit bigger in scale and lean heavily towards 15mm figures or smaller in base size and ranges.

Anyway, chime in on what you'd like to see - "Vote early, vote often"!


  1. Kings of War is my vote. It is the one I am most interested in seeing a blow by blow description with historical units. I assume you have been here:

    although if I was using KoW to replay a historical battle, I would extend the rules as little as possible, if at all.

    I have played Ancients D6 with Heraclea, and DBA 2.2; not 3, although I am planning to do 3.0 sometime. AMW I am keen to try so would not mind seeing that either. But KoW is at the top.

    Regardless I will be reading any detailed blow by blow report that you write!

  2. Haven't seen the Hour of Wolves page. KoW is probably most "in scale" to the NT rules. They've shooting out to 24", but it is pretty ineffective, while 12" appears to be "effective" shooting range. In my mind, this means that it is in the same "scale" as Warhammer Ancient Battles and 1HW rules. Also, many of the mechanics are nearly identical, so it seems a logical following step. DBA3, NTA&M, and D6 Ancients are all larger scale and more like 15mm. Which is something I'll do next as I've 15mm Hoplite armies crying out to be finished - they're 90% done!

  3. Hmmm, it is a difficult decision for me: I am interested both in KoW and 1HW but, my vote is for the second play of 1HW with a different scenario.
    Of course as Shaun, I will be reading any detailed report you write.

  4. Would be interested in any of those, and to the bunch I'd add the rules-in-the-making TMA6 (Throw me a 6) of which you are aware, as I noticed on John's blog. To me they seem to be more "in scale" to NT 1HW rules regarding the size of the rules themselfes. Of course "in-the-making" might be a bit of a problem. Anyway, I'll enjoy whatever you're up to, Ad6, another 1HW scenario, or KoW ("too generic" I read once, but more so than 1HW?).
    [sorry for commenting anonymus, can I somehow "Comment as: Twitter"?]

  5. Olivero, don't know about how the quoting works, happy to have input so no worries. I didn't notice TMA6 at John's blog, but also haven't been able to spend time checking it out in depth. I did print out and read the AD6 but have set them aside for a comparison of the other two "larger scale" rules. I will check out TMA6 as well as respond to suggestions for KoW. I also have another scenario from NT to put up, I think it's #7 Flank Attack.

  6. Try Throw me a 6. It does give a good game but I purposely made the game as simple as possible. It is in the scale of the NT AMW game. Some of my play test battles used his army lists. The game is setup so the lists are easily translatable to TMA6. I do appear to be 6 months late to the party. ;)


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